Writing - the Monday group

It is very nice to read your work, so like this I'd like to share it with you. The texts here are NOT CORRECTED, they are exactly as I got them from you.

If you don't want your text to be here, just send me an email and I will put it away. If you want to put your name to your work - send me an email as well ;-)

29th Sep: Holidays and Friends

  1. My holiday (Georgia)
  2. My best friend
  3. My Best Friend (Corri)
  4. My best friend (Radka)
  5. My best holiday (Dominican Republic)
  6. My holiday (Croatia)
  7. The friends (in the forest)
  8. My best holidays (Tunisia)


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22nd Sep: words from "Goodbye My Lover"

  1. Story about happiness in Bhutan
  2. Their park
  3. The fisherman and the fishlet
  4. A trip to Italy
  5. Ice hockey
  6. Story about my love to family

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