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1st conditional

If the snow does not fall, I will not go skiing.

When the snow falls, I will go skiing.

Unless = if/when … not pokud ne

Unless the snow falls, I will not go skiing.

If it rains, I will have wet feet.

If it rains, I will stay at home.

If it rains, I will have a headache.

If it rains, I will sleep.

If/When + [present simple], will + [infinitive].

2nd conditional

If + [past simple], would + [infinitive].


Kdybych se narodil v Africe, jedl bych hodně banánů.

If I was born in Africa, I would eat a lot of bananas.

If I became a president, I would be humanistic.

If I was a president, I would help people.

If I were a president, I would be popular.

If I was 20 years younger, I would travel around the world.

If I were 20 years younger, I could have a lot of children.

If I was 15 years old, I would study at school.

If I were at home now, I wouldn't see UFO.

If I was at home now, I could watch TV.

If I..., I would like to sleep on the sofa with my newspaper.

If I was a child, I could play with cars.

If I was at work, I could earn money.

I could earn money if I was at work.

If Shr. didn't love B., he wouldn't play his sonatas all the time.

IF + past, would + infinitive.

If he knew, he would tell.

jealousy žárlivost jealous žárlivý

John and Marry are married. John thinks that Mary has a secret love. John is jealous.

I have a dog. → I don't have a dog. I haven't got a dog.

I had a dog. → I didn't have a dog.

3 If C.B. had enough friends, he wouldn't feel lonenly.

4 If S. knew her teacher's name, she could send her a card.

can → could

If S. knew her teacher's name, she would be able to send her a card.

can = be able to/be allowed to

must = have to

John goes to school. He must do homework.

If John didn't go to school, he wouldn't have to do homework.

5 If L. wasn't/weren't clever, he wouldn't/couldn't find...

6 If W&S didn't have..., W. would not confide in S.

7 If R.p. didn't refuse to...., he wouldn't try to …

8 If P. had enough baths, he wouldn't be filthy.

I know what is going to happen.

I knew what was going to happen.

I'd = I would



corn = kukuřice

flake = vločka


dust = prach

2 wouldn't like

3 If the characters weren't so real, 4 we couldn't identify


If we were married, and (if) you loved golf, I would hate your golf clubs.

species = druh