parish farnost

monument pomník

miners' monument

weather forecast

We are planning for him a little present.

My brother-in-law doesn't need

I am planning to hang some things on the cycle – a bottle of plum brandy, a pig head, sausages...

lantern lucerna

Halloween – pumpkins

All Souls

soul = duše


Mabel used to listen to radio.

Mildred used to ride a motorbike.

Mabel used to play basketball.

Mildred used to have a crazy haircut.

Mildred used to wear motorbike clothes. overall

Mildred used to wear earrings = a ring in her/his ear.

She used to listen to rock music.

She didn't use to live in Wibble.

She used to live in Fiddletown.

Mabel didn't use to like cats. = She didn't like cats in the past but she likes cats now. nemívala

Mabel used to like dogs. = Mabel liked dogs but she doesn't like dogs now. mívala

will not = won't

If Mo's friends come tomorrow, they will listen to music.

If he gets, he saves. = Když dostává víc kapesného, tak si šetří na kytaru.

If he gets, he will save. = Když dostane, našetří si.


If (not) = unless

If he doesn't pass the test, his parents won't give him a present.

Unless he passes the test, his parents won't give him a present.




He played...

He didn't play...

any maps

a map

a lot of luggage

lots of luggage

(much luggage)

many places

It is very interesting.

(much interesting)

How much luggage = How many suitcases

There is much water_

There are many oranges

1 This spaghetti [it] tastes nice!

2 some advice (any advice), a piece of advice

3 This luggage is heavy.

4 The (this) information you gave me is wrong!

5 This cheese smells delicious.

6 work is

7 advice is

8 weather is

9 This music is too loud. Please turn it down.

10 The news doesn't sound good, does it?

There are people I know.

There are the people I know. ti

There are some people I know. nějací

There are many people I know. hodně

There are a lot of people I know. mnoho

There are lots of people I know. mnoho

There aren't people I know.

There aren't the people I know. ti

There aren't many people I know. Není tady mnoho lidí které znám. (Mnoho lidí, které znám, tu nejsou.)

There aren't any people I know. žádní

There aren't some people I know. nějací, někteří ~ Něteří lidé, co znám, tu nejsou.


no letters are missing


a letter is missing

a letter is not here


many letters are missing

some letters are missing

many letters are not here (hodně)

some letters are not here (nějaký)


all letters are missing

no letters are here

any letters aren't here