Yorkshire terrier

pros and cons

+ -

working with people

different all the time +/-

can talk a lot +

have to talk a lot -


communication barriers

working with machines

machines obey, they do what you want

obey → obedience

poslouchat → poslušnost

= working alone +/-

keyboard & mouse

expensive -

I can organize my time +

helps to solve my work +


Paint (malování)

assemble montovat

teach × learn

učit × učit se

teacher teaches

student learns

exact přesný

pedant [pednt]

strict přísný

voluntary homework: Essay (about 100 words):

Working with people versus working with computers

  1. Introduction

  2. about 2 paragraphs

  3. Conclusion (“To sum up,...”) - maybe something personal



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  1. guilty

  2. unemployed

  3. investigation

  4. resident

  5. destination destinace

  6. desperately (a desperate man; he desperately needs money)

  7. employer play player fly flier

  8. explanation

  9. lawyer

  10. criminal

employ – zaměstnat

employer - zaměstnavatel

employee - zaměstnanec

unemployer - nezaměstnavatel


employed - zaměstnaný

employment - zaměstnání


used to

I used to smoke. ~ I smoked in the past and now I don't smoke.

I used to do yoga.

I used to work in McD.

When I am old, I will say: “I used to ride a bike.”

I used to play ice-hockey.

I did not use to go to English lessons.

I didn't use to go to English lessons.

3 didn't use to watch

10 (where) I used to go

I am used to sleeping after lunch.

I am not used to getting up early.

~ jsem zvyklý na...

I am used to speaking English in my work.

I am used to working hard.

I am used to going by car.

I am getting used to driving a car.

zvykám si na to

I'm not used to driving

He would disappear for days. ~ He used to disappear for days.