sensitive to sun

white skin (kůže)

it is not possible to please (potěšit) everyone

favourite weather?

season: spring, summer, autumn, winter

I hope doufat not.

blanket peřina



business trip služební cesta

demanding náročný

where did you go?

Austria, Germany, Slovakia

successful úspěšný

it is complicated

1 day would be (byl by) better. !!!

castle Okoř

historic celebrations

reason? důvod

I don't know. nevím

reason is not necessary potřeba

You can moci always find najít a reason.

Ty můžeš vždy najít důvod.

mead [míd] medovina

I prefer hot.

smell vůně, přivonět

Do you often go to Okoř?

on bicycle

20 times per year

1 year ago

I was there once.

work colleagues

colleagues from last work

ex-work colleagues

music groups, music bands

at midnight

new groups?

country music

rock music

all kinds of music

very little

music festivals


Bedna (the box)

cipher šifra game

20 hours

15 ciphers

half půlka

soccer fotbal, kopaná

FREUIT - apples, bananas,cherrys,lemons,grapes,melon,peach

VEGETABLES - carotte,vegetable,garlic,tomates

PROTEINS - meat,fish,eggs

CARBOHYDRATES - rice,pasta,potatoes

zucchini, pumpkin

light potetoes salad - boiled potatoes and add chopped onions and cucumbers with green peas, then add cooked eggs Mix everything with white yogurt and season with salt and pepper and then just good taste


cauliflower soup

beef with mushrooms

beef steak

just for the look

trimmings, side dish příloha


Do you like your work?

Advantages [advántydžys] = good things

Disadvantages = bad things


working with people

good tip

stupid people

boss is OK

colleagues too OK [kolígs]

but not all

because there is rivalry

much more men than women

young mladý

coffin rakev

steady fight/war

they have sharp elbows

it is because of time, money

build new roads, repair roads

we work outside, in “nature”

little free time

stressful deadlines

we are at home (we stay at home)

it is both advantage and disadvantage

both oba

out of office

good colleagues

far daleko

long way

a lot


adventurous dobrodružný

adventure dobrodružství

ambitious ctižádostivý

creative tvořivý, tvůrčí


hard-working pracovitý

independent nezávislý

Day of Independence Den nezávislosti



serious vážný

sociable společenský

society společnost


confident, self-confident sebejistý

art umění

always happy