80s, 90s

maturita ball

can you dance?

Latino-American dance

(latin dances)

exception výjimka

exceptional výjimečný

something něco

everything všechno

nothing nic

recognize poznat

explore prozkoumat

I prefer horse riding to cycling.

cycling paths

tree roots kořeny

crossing křižovatka

He wanted to buy...

heel podpatek

high-heels, high heeled shoes

track trasa

competition závod, soutěž

he thought


blister puchýř

blood krev

pioneer camp

feather [fethr] pero


He told me he was happy. (He said: “I am happy.”)

He said he was happy.

1 I said to her I had something to show her.

2 She said nothing grew in her garden because it never got any sun.

3 He said he was going away the next day.

3 He said to his mother he was going away the next day.

3 He told his mother he was going away the next day.

He told her..., He said to her...

Tell me... Say to me...

Rupert told me he had been in London for a month but so far he hadn't had time...

5 it wasn't so foggy that day as it had been the day before / the preceding day

tomorrow = the day after, the next day, the following day...

21st March 1999

It is being opened the day after tomorrow.

It was being opened on 23rd March 1999.

It was being opened after two days, in two days, the day after the next day, the day after the day after, 2 days from then.

last = poslední

previous = předchozí

7 My aunt said they moved into their new flat and/but they didn't like it as their previous/last one.

1999 Jágr said: “Last yer we won in Nagano.”

Jágr said in 1999 that they won in Nagano last/previous year.

They won the last Olympic games.

He said: “It will rain.”

He said it would rain.

8 they had a lift, it didn't work

9 his, he could see

10 She had no idea what the time was but she would dial and (she would) find out.

I said: “When I come home, I will have dinner, (I will) go to the bathroom, (I will) read a book, (I will) watch TV and then (I will) go to bed.”

He doesn't sing and dance.

He doesn't sing or dance.

He doesn't sing and doesn't dance.

He doesn't sing and he doesn't dance.

He doesn't sing and dances.

He doesn't sing and he dances.


His wife had been made a judge just then.

she replied she would come with us/me

this → that

yet, by now → by then

let, let, let



pound, GBP