interview for a job as a waiter jako

cross fingers zkřížit prsty ~ držet palce

again opět, znovu

big shopping

sports shoes boty


plant seedling sázet sazenice

flower pot květináč

tomato seedlings

last year

grow [grou], grew [grů] růst


2010 last year

2011 this year

2012 next year

11th May = yesterday

12th May = today

13th May = tomorrow

Today, Tomorrow, Toyota


11th December 2010

10/12/11 (year/month/day)

10/11/12 (year/day/month)



Czech: 12.5.

English: 12/5, 5/12

12th May 2011

12 May

11th December

11 Dec

11 Dec 2010

2010 11 Dec

11 Dec 10

10 11 Dec

11th September = 9/11

10th October = 10/10

name's day

4th November (11)

24th April (4)

8th October (10)

furniture shop (nábytek)


corner roh

coffee table stolek

shelf polička


offer nabídnout, nabídka

I can offer můžu nabídnout

How big? jak

middle (size) střední (velikost)

What colour? dark tmavý

light světlý

light yoghurt

Traffic doprava

Traffic lights. semafor

light sofa světlá/lehká

folding, non-folding rozkládací

Would you like folding or non-folding?

What price?

choose [čůz] vybrat

we haven't got that.

small one



juice [džus]

I would like...

vegetable juice

carrots, tomatoes

with ice


it must [mast] temperature [tempričr] about degrees [digrís] stupeň

Is it possible? možné

not possible = impossible

demanding náročný

guest host

book of complaints kniha stížností


broken [broukn] telephone rozbitý

end of working time

I noticed that it is a five star hotel.

Waiter: Hello, Can I help you?

Charles: Yes, I'd like to have some 2 lunch. 3 dinner, 1 breakfast

Waiter: Would you like a starter? předkrm

Charles: No, thanks.

Waiter: And what would you like for a main course? hlavní chod

Charles: I'd like a chicken salad. I'd like = I would like

Waiter: Would you like anything to drink? pig = pork, cow = beef

Charles: Yes, I'd like a glass of juice, please. In that case I haven't got a free table.

Waiter: Can I bring you anything else? elsewhere = jinde, jinam

Charles: The bill, please. účet

Waiter: Certainly. I give it in a box. add for free přidám zadarmo

Waiter: That's £7.50. 7 Pounds 50, €7.50 7 Euros 50 (cents), $7.50 7 Dollars 50

Charles: Here you are. Thank you very much. tempting offer lákavá nabídka

Waiter: You're welcome. není zač Have a nice day. but no

Charles: Thank you and good bye. Fuck off! [fak of]


vegetable (paprika)

spice koření pepř

paprika paprika koření


chips UK: hranolky

crisps brambůrky

chips USA: brambůrky, čipsy

French fries hranolky

carbohydrates (made from flour mouka)

junk food: pizza, chips, hamburgers...

rat krysa

proteins bílkoviny

carbohydrates sacharidy (cukry)

fat tuky




can = plechovka

tin = konzerva; cín

tin can = plechovka od konzervy

health zdraví, healthy zdravý

healthy × ill

What do the people want?

1 water (4)


sparkling × still

large × small

with ice × without ice

with lemon × without lemon

2 room in a hotel (5)


double × single (× twin)

smoking × non-smoking

shower × bath


3 ticket to Edinburgh (5)

single × return

non-smoking × smoking

second class × first class


Can I take my dog with me? yes

single, double (room)

single, married (people)