horse competition

task úloha

we had

take away meal (vzít si s sebou jídlo)


we hoped that

microwave oven was broken

good cook (person)

good cooker (machine)

there is a lot of it, it is a big meal


cook yourself?

ham and eggs, pancakes

dried food

cantine, 40



food festival

we finished too late

we didn't manage to go there nepodařilo se nám

tells vyprávět

Pravěk restaurant (stone age)

animal skins

all you can eat

sea food mořské plody

lobsters, crabs...

small choice, the food was tasteless

taste, tasteful (good) × tasteless (not good)


Susan expects očekává

in August

I like Mexican cuisine.

Czech cuisine. American cuisine.

spicy, hot

Italian cuisine.

pasta – lasagne, spaghetti...., pizza, ice-cream, ketchup, coffee

make bombardino (cocktail)


soft cocktail = virgin cocktails, alcoholic cocktail

Dirty Dog Bar

bartender, barman


every month a different cuisine

snails, frogs

sea food


oyster ústřice

salt water

where it is usual běžný, obvyklý

usually (běžně)

crayfish rak

my mother used to be a vegetarian = she was a vegetarian in the past and she stopped with it

I visited England. (I am visiting England. teď, dočasně)

I used to live in England. (I live in England. trvalejší)

Now I am sitting, I am writing, I am learning English.

I learn English every Monday. I work in Kladno. I live in Prague.

I didn't use to teach English. = I didn't teach English but I teach English now.

(There was a hockey match yesterday.)

I didn't watch ice-hockey. Nekoukal jsem na hokej.

I didn't use to watch ice-hockey. Nekoukával jsem na hokej. => teď koukám na hokej

I watched ice-hockey. koukal jsem

I watch ice-hockey. obecně furt

I don't watch ice-hockey. obecně vůbec

I am watching ice-hockey. teď; v širším smyslu touhle dobou

Australia, water animal

eggs, mammal savec, beak zobák, tail ocas

eggs [égz] × axe [eks] sekera

  1. In which part of Australia does the platypus live?

  2. In which environment (prostředí) does it live?

  3. Does it have fur (srst)?

  4. What kind of feet does platypus (and also for example duck) have? webbed feet, the toes on its feet are joined

  5. What is another word for beak? bill

  6. Which platypuses are bigger? (more possible answers)

  7. Is it a day animal or a night animal?

  8. Does it see under water? shutter, shut up

  9. What is platypus's food?

  10. Where does it find its food?

  11. Is it easy to see a platypus?

  12. When was it discovered (objeven)?

freshwater, salt water

beaver bobr

mammal = the babies drink milk from their mother


cat male/female (she-cat, pussy cat × tom cat; kitten), horse, dog (German Shepard), bear [beər], mosquitoes

shepard = man with sheep

chicken: cock/rooster, hen; chick


dog: female: bitch; puppy

horse: stallion, mare; colt/foal hříbě; gelding valach

beef: bull (bull eye), cow (cowboy); calf

ram, sheep; lamb