they can't deal with people

deal = jednat

good luck = hodně štěstí

part time work (full time)

by accident, by coincidence

schooling školení

how many? boss

today I accepted 2 men

accept přijmout

hard work, up and down

you must be fit


I work 20 hours a week

I painted my room red.

repaired car opravit

tyre pneumatika

spring preparation

prepare = připravit

owner = majitel

witches čarodějnice

burn pálit


village fire

how many people? about 50

a lot of beer


beer festival

uncle and aunt

spring beer

17° beer

° = degree

a little

ice-hockey match of our team


I enjoyed it.

at work we bet sázet

8 people

I was at 6th place.

grandmother, uncle

win the bet, loose the bet

win the match, loose the match

hard money

20 crowns

win money, loose money

win → won

loose → lost

I lost 20 crowns in a bet.

tomorrow with Slovakia

score: 2 to 0 (2:0)

2:0 Michal

3:1 Karel, Jiří

4:0 Věra

when is the final? next week on Sunday?

World Championship

watch ice-hockey

tennis, football, snooker



interesting sport

Osama bin Laden

believe? věřit

hard to say = těžko říci

easy × difficult/hard


grapes → wine

melon (yellow), water-melon (red & green)

half = ½

19:35 nineteen thirty-five

there is 1

there are 2

are there any tomatoes?

is there any orange juice?

money is on the table

crowns, coins, pounds libry, pence, Euros

I have 7 crowns.

There are 7 crowns on the table.

There is some money on the table.

1 mistake

1 child [čájld], 2 children [čildrən]

1 man, 2 men

1 woman [wumən], 2 women [wimin]

person, people

Martin has 2 children.

How many children has Martin got?

Children are in the park.

A child is in the park.

A child's in the park.

A child's toy.

My toy, his toy, Peter's toy, a child's toy...

Toys of children.

Children's toys.

How many children have you got? I haven't got children. I don't have children.

How much free time have you got? little

3 many houses

4 many cars

5 how much time

6 much water

7 many hours

8 much sugar (I want 2 spoons of sugar.)

9 many apples

10 much coffee (How many cups of coffee?)

11 many pencils

12 much alcohol

13 much homework

I have three pieces of homework.

I have 3 tasks. 3 exercises.

How much work do you have?

How many jobs have you got?

New Year's Eve = 31st December

New Year's Day = 1st January

(eve = evening)

Christmas Eve = 24th Dec

Christmas Day = 25th Dec

a lot

How many dogs have you got? (I have) a lot.

I have a lot of dogs. hodně

He is very old. hodně

flat = byt

I watch TV 2 hours a day.

I watch TV 2 hours per day.

I watch TV 2 hours every day.

I watch TV 2 hours daily.

I drink 4 cups of coffee every week.



I run three times a week.

once a week

twice a week

3 times a week

121 times a week

I drink 4 cups of coffee every week.

I drink coffee 4 times a week.

how many people


a lot

What would you like?

I would like (a cup of coffee). = I'd like...

Would you like (black or white)?

bottle / glass

what year?

both oboje

How much is it? How much does it cost?

It is 10 pounds.

cheap × expensive


which room? indoor/outdoor? colour?

mark, brand značka

computer game (action? strategy? new? expensive? multiplayer?)

book (genre? how many pages?) fairy tale pohádka

which author? Czech / English?

elsewhere jinam