Easter Velikonoce

speak about:

if you celebrate Easter


what traditions do you keep?

what food do you usually eat?

how did you celebrate last Easter? 2010

do you like Easter?

I used to keep...

stick klacek

foreign men are jealous žárlivý, závistivý

orgy orgie

get eggs

paint eggs

onion peel slupka

wax vosk

scratch it škrábat

sticker samolepka

stuffing nádivka

nettle kopřiva

lamb (young) jehněčí

mutton (older) skopové


fast meal

fast, fasting půst


disappointed zklamaný

You have to buy some clothes to someone so that a ram does not pooh on him.

pee, wee ; pooh

pagan [pejgən] pohan

Judas Jidáš

pastry pečivo

mud bahno

plait cop


Halloween: trick or treat, trick-or-treating

whistle píšťalka

lymph míza

beat bít

I teach


Easter Bunny hides eggs in the garden

egg hunt”

Easter Bunny, Easter Rabbit

hare zajíc

wax vosk

leap year přestupný rok

Peter sold his car.

What did Peter sell?

Who sold his car?

Who did Peter sell his car?

1 Do

2 Have

3 Do / Can

4 Is → there is

5 Where, Who, What

6 What

7 Would, I would like an ice-cream. I'd like...

8 How

9 What

10 Who, What

fanny pack ledvinka

trustworthy důvěryhodný


She wishes me the best. Přeje mi to nejlepší

The person feels good about his or her voice.

The person feels good about their voice.

1 G

2 H

3 C

4 A

5 B

6 F

7 D

8 I

take off

we will have