visit father

problem with tooth zub

go to the dentist

pain bolest

problems with teeth are the most painful

I will buy a second-hand car

I saw some cars.

It wasn't in good condition. (1)

They weren't in good condition. (more)

mark: Škoda, ...

It is a stereotype.

beer festival

end of April

posters plakáty

near Velká Dobrá

10 kinds of beer

1 some cakes/sweets/biscuits, some/an ice-cream

3 some cheese, some chocolate

5 a banana, some cakes

7 a banana, some ice-cream

9 some chocolate, an apple

11 some cheese, some cakes, a banana, some ice-cream, an apple, some chocolate = all/everything


she don't likes

he not likes

I like pizza.

I don't like dill sauce.

He likes semolina pudding.

He doesn't like milk soup.

dill sauce koprovka

pizza with chicken and pineapple ananas

olive, peach

lemon citrón

Countable (počítatelné) an apple jablko

Uncountable (nepočítatelné) some rice rýže

I go shopping. I want to buy some apples and some rice. I need to know the amount množství of apples and rice we have at home.

I go to the kitchen and I ask zeptat se my mother:

Me: How many apples have we got?

Mother: We have 3 apples.

Mother: We have only few málo apples.

Me: How much rice have we got?

Mother: We have only 1 packet of rice.

Mother: We have only little málo rice.




not a lot

an apple

some apples jablka

How many apples?


some rice

some rice rýže

How much rice?


some milk

some apples (an apple)

carrot: mrkev

How many carrots have we got? Kolik máme mrkví?

We have 5 carrots. Máme 5 mrkví.

How much carrot have we got? Kolik máme mrkve?

We have 1 kilo of carrot. We have little carrot.

Máme kilo mrkve. Máme málo mrkve.

How many melons have we got? Kolik máme melounů?

How much (of the) melon have we got? Kolik máme (toho) melounu?

How much cheese is there? There is little cheese. There is 200g of cheese.

How many eggs are there? There is 1 egg.

Kolik je tam vajec?

Kolik je tam vajíčka v tom těstě? dough

How much egg is there in the dough?

How much lemonade is there? There is 1 bottle of lemonade.

How many breads are there? Kolik je tam chlebů?

How much bread is there? Kolik je tam chleba?

We have a lot of apples.

We have a lot of rice.

We haven't got a lot of apples.

We don't have a lot of apples.

We have not a lot of apples.

some grapes

1 piece

How much milk is there? There is 1 bottle of milk.

How many eggs are there? There are 6 eggs.

Apples (= they) taste best.

Rice (= it) tastes best.

There are some apples.

There is some rice.