When I was there for the first time…

crater [krejtr]


fell of a horse



I have been riding horses for about 40 years.

on Saturday

take care of someone

real estate broker realitní makléř

I was ashamed.

in fall=autumn, in winter

16 but (and)

17 now, it, that, this, so

18 (no, nor) OR: either, or i, i NOR: neither, nor ani, ani

19 in (on TV)

ads = advertisements


appear * ads

appear in ads”

20 are

21 If, Unless (if not)

22 as (although/but some may hope that) (if)

23 however nicméně, přesto

24 Because, As (if, so) Thanks to the fact that you don't need....

25 long (as far as, as well as, as soon as, as good as)

as long as ~ if (pokud)

if you are reliable, provided you are reliable, when

26 at (for, by, and, with, straight, to, in)

27 your (any, straight)

28 more, in, just, also, exactly

29 how

30 demand for (on, of)


I'm absolutely starving.

Can you get the boy to get round to my office?

get round = stavit se