I was not meant to come on time.

They're meant to be together.

we start at 19 o'clock

in time ~ before 19

on time ~ exactly at 19

late ~ after 19

A fee … by all members.

even if have copies

conductor dirigent

tour turné (mimo jiné)

ballet [bəlej]

jury [džury] porota

napkin plena

tasteless nevkusné

look forward to těšit se

retirement důchod

retire, be retired

I won't live until my retirement age.

insurance, investing...

reduce the tax

how to turn your computer screen so that your employer doesn't see that you are playing PC games

temporary dočasný

iron železo

get ready = prepare

make dinner

washing = clothes

do the washing = wash the clothes → washing machine

do the washing up = wash the dishes → dish washer

sweep the floor → broom

lay the table: tablecloth, napkins, cutlery = spoon & knife & fork, glasses, dishes, salt, pepper, flower, candle, candlestick, name-cards....

choose vybrat


threshold práh

cemetery/graveyard hřbitov, grave hrob

oven trouba (na pečení)

  1. of

  2. doing / on

  3. If / When

  4. for (instead of)

  5. that / which (as a benefit)

  6. so

It is so important.

It is such an important thing.

It is more important than people think.

  1. it

  2. not (not to marry)

  3. mine (my work)

  4. at (at doing)

she is much better doing it than sleeping

  1. is

  2. more