believe věřit

I don't believe you!

I believe in God. God = Bůh


demanding, exhausting

náročný, vyčerpávající

after that, then potom

power-plant elektrárna

ball in house of culture



from 7 pm to 3 am

from 7 o'clock in the evening to 3 o'clock in the morning

from 7 o'clock to 3 o'clock

10 am, 11 am, 12 pm

a (working) shift

exhausting [ikzósting]

stocktaking inventura

last week, this week, next week

present: wine

give → gave dát

He likes wine.

a does

b doesn't

c 's (= is)

d Has

e Amy: She hasn't got children. No, she hasn't got (a boyfriend).

f Are

g am

h Do you go out?

I Yes, we do.

j doesn't

k is

Are you happy? Is he married? Is the new film interesting? Are you interested in the film?

I am interested in going for a drink with her.

I am hungry.

I go to Prague.

I will go to Prague. = I'll go to Prague.

Will you go to Kladno?

I will not go to Prague because I will go to Brno.

I won't go to Prague.

I will be ill.

I will be the dog.

I will have the dog.

I will have got the dog.

I won't be very hungry. (= will not)

He will like watching football.

He will not like watching football. (= won't)

She will have (got) a very good job.

He will be 29 years old.

I won't (usually) get up very early. (will not)

They will be very happy living in the country.

2 sentences

I will go to the elections. (volby)

I will celebrate my friend's birthday. (slavit)

In the past I studied on Gymnázium in Kladno.

Now I study the university in Prague.

In the future I will work as a programmer.

I don't like writing by hand.

letter dopis


I like making chicken.


I like listening to all music.

I love eating chocolate.

I hate writing homework. nesnáším, nenávidím

I don't mind going to bed late. nevadí mi


I have a dog.

I like having the dog.

flu chřipka

I don't like having a flu.

I really like having holiday.

I (don't) mind having homework.


I love going to the wood. [lav]

I don't mind going to training.

I don't mind going going to the pub.

I don't mind going to work on Saturday. [majnd]

I hate going to the dentist. [hejt]


I like watching the PC.

I like watching films.

I like watching the window. na

I like watching in the windows. dovnitř

I like watching out of the window. ven

I like watching through the window. skrz

swimming plavání

I don't like swimming in hot weather.



I hate doing the washing up.

I hate washing up.

I don't like doing the ironing.

I don't like ironing.

I like working in the garden.

I like gardening. zahradničení


I like reading science fiction books.

I like reading homework.

swim plavat

I like swimming. plavání

I like chocolate.

I am sleeping.

I am learning.

I am teaching you.

(teď právě to dělám)

I teach children every Friday.

(ne nutně teď)

There is a theatre in Kladno. (a theatre = it = it is = there is)

a There are not (aren't)

b there are

c There isn't není

a lot = hodně, moc

There isn't a lot to do there in the evening.

Není tam hodně dělat večer.

d There are (2 bedrooms = they are = there are)

e there is

f there is

What will you do on Monday?

I will go to school.

Mr [mistr] = mister, master pan

Mrs [misiz] = mistress, misses paní

Miss [mis] = miss slečna

Ms [məs] slečna nebo paní