I was at my grandmother.

I worked in the garden.

I cut the trees.

spring tidying up jarní úklid


1: first, 2: second, 3: third, 4: fourth, 5: fifth, 6: sixth, 7: seventh…

I trained ice-hockey.

Long walking the dog.

search for the job

I must. I must walk my dog even in bad weather.

long sleep, clean the flat…

be → was/were, have → had, do → did

I was in Prague.

You were at home. / in your house.

He was tired. unavený

She was a teacher.

It was sad.

We were happy.

You were ill. nemocný

They were green.

Saint Patrick's Day: wear green clothes, drink green beer

What do you do after class? po škole

I go to forest


I was born 23 years ago. před 23 lety

What do you do before class? před školou

Do you like going to the cinema?

Máš rád

I like going to the cinema.

Yes. Yes, I do. Yes, I like it. Yes, I like going to the cinema.

Have you got an interesting job?

Have you got a job interesting?

Do you ever listen to loud music? někdy

I do not ever listen to loud music. nikdy

I never listen to loud music. nikdy

Do you never listen to loud music? Ty nikdy neposloucháš hlasitou hudbu?

Is there a supermarket?

Is there a supermarket near your house?

There is a dog...

SVOMPT = subject verb object manner place time

podmět přísudek předmět způsob místo čas .

začátek_přísudku podmět konec_přísudku předmět způsob místo čas ?

Do you like coffee?

Has your got cousin a motorbike?

Has got your cousin a motorbike?

Has your cousin got a motorbike?

Has he got a motorbike?

Has your motorbike got a cousin?

Does he have a motorbike?

Do you have a car?

Have you got a car?

I like hamburgers.

Do you like hamburgers?

Did you like hamburgers?

Are you happy?

I go to Prague.

I went to Prague.

I will go to Prague. Pojedu do Prahy.

On Monday I will work.

On Thursday I will go to English.

I will search for a job.

I will watch TV.

My mother will sleep.

My sister will ski.

I will not watch TV.

We will not do homework.

I will watch TV. = I'll watch TV.

We will sleep. = We'll sleep.

I will not watch TV.

I won't watch TV.

(I'll not watch TV.)

My brother won't work.

chtít nebude

want × won't

[wont] [wount]

I want to work.

I won't work.

You will go to Prague.

Will you go to Prague?

I am happy.

I will be happy.

Před 4 lety se jim narodil syn.

Už 4 roky mají syna.

Před 4 lety měli syna.

Měli syna.

They had a son.

Před 4 lety měli syna.

Four years ago, they had a son.

(Before four years they had a son.)

They had a son four years ago.

I have a brother.

My brother is 27 years old.

p. 22

IN January, summer, afternoon, 1987

ON Monday, 21st May

AT 12:23; (more days): Christmas

decisions [disižns] rozhodnutí




roses růže

What can you see behind the window? houses

What can you see in front of the window? blinds


the paper thing ta papírová věc

file, folder šanon, složka

above nad



between mezi

in the corner