dog, broken leg, not serious (vážný) now

spa lázně

be healthy


mud bahno

game: win × loose

I (have) had 4 cups of coffee.

Does it keep you awake if you drink coffee in the evening?

children and coffee?

spill vylít

it tastes him

tell him off zakázat někomu něco


addiction závislost

you become addicted to coffee


energy drinks

fizzy drinks, soft drinks


Ministry of Health

what to do with it?

forbid → forbade → forbidden

lollipop lízátko

too easily available příliš snadno dostupné

load zatěžovat

tax daň; value added tax DPH

budget rozpočet

sweets → child obesity

young smokers

useless zbytečný

search for forbidden things


how to protect you children?

relationship vztah

open relationship, talk openly with them, (not to) evaluate hodnotit

it's harder than it seems

children follow the examples

voluntary homework: writing an essay

80 to 150 words

famous slavný

I have a few CDs, several CDs

break pauza

rent → rented

similar experience podobná zkušenost

we will make a nice weekend

scarf šátek, šála

Slovenia Slovinsko

break to bits

scratch škrábnutí

insurance pojištění

they would be sad, it would spoil their holiday

enforce uplatnit

How long have known your partner?

pipe music dechovka

I don't like rock. NOW

I have never liked rock.

sauce, dill sauce

liver játra

once = 1 time

twice = 2 times

3 times

Has he been to Sydney? Yes, he has. He was there in 1988.

How many times has he been to Sydney? He has been there twice.

When did he go to Mexico City? He went there in 1990.

since 1990 = od roku 1990

till 1990 = do roku 1990

How many time times has he been to Sydney since 1990?

How many times was he (had he been) to Sydney before 1990?