at the dentist

have fun, We had fun.

On Friday

which pub? Svobody Square. Square of Freedom.

Everything the same

care for the dog, look after the dog, take care of the dog

1 month ago


London: Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace

who lives there? The queen (the king)

a she

b her

c He

d his

e me

f I

g They

h their

I our [aur]

j them

k We



She's got … She has not got → She hasn't got / She's not got


I don't


I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

b) He did not like → He didn't like

I work for Lego. I work in Lego.

I work for my mother. I work in Kladno.


I love travelling. He likes travelling.

I am sitting now. I am learning English.

He is sitting now. He is learning English.

He isn't learning German.

He always watches TV.

She usually watches TV.

I often get up to work.

I sometimes go to the cinema.

I hardly ever ride a bike. I hardly ever eat semolina pudding. I hardly ever eat healthily. I hardly ever have money. I hardly ever eat liver. I hardly ever ski in summer.

I never go to work.


I have a dog. → It's my dog.

He → his

She → her

It → its It has a dog. It's its dog.

We → our [aur]

they → their [thér] there they're

I give my money to him. I give him my money.

Please give your money to me.

I give my money to you.

I give my money to her.

Please give your money to us. [as]

Please give your money to them.

1 Můj bratr dal svého psa našemu strýci.

My brother gave his dog to our uncle.

He gave his dog to our uncle.

He gave it to our uncle.

He gave it to him.

2 Jde k němu pro něj ve čtvrtek.

He goes to him for it on Thursday.

My brother goes to our uncle for his dog on Thursday.

2 your

3 our

4 My

5 my

6 his

7 it

8 him

9 her

10 her

11 them

12 you

paper, ex. 5

retired: v důchodu

(unemployed: nezaměstnaný)

pasta: těstoviny

a 5

b 1

c 7

d 2

e 6

f 8

g 4

h 3

I am an only child.

A small house, a cottage

near a village in the nature

I get up 9. At 9 o'clock.

Russian [rašn]

I don't know.

Do you live in the city?

Do you like living in the city?

Meat: pork (vepřové), beef (hovězí), chicken (kuřecí)...


early (brzy) … late (pozdě)

because (protože)

morning bird