working all the time


exciting = very very interesting

exacting, exhilarating = you are tired after that

what did you do?

better than before? we learn always/all the time

I don't speak

I can speak můžu

I can't speak (= cannot) nemůžu

I must speak. musím

I must not speak. = (mustn't) nesmím

sport carnival

how? jaké

mask of Křemílek

I am → I was Kře... I had a mask of Kře..

It was organized by sportsmen

after long winter we have a lot of work

He says (říká) that (že) he has a new car.

It is a big wind, so I take a cap (čepici).

A big wind blows (fouká)…

There is a big wind…

Before dinner I go to nature. (před: čas)

After dinner (po večeři)

In front of the house there is a car. (před: místo)

Behind the house…

Because it isn't good weather, I stay at home.

I like pizza or I like sandwiches.

I like pizza or sandwiches.

a mushroom


I like an orange and I like an apple.

I like oranges and apples.

I think (myslím) that it is cold.

I like when I'm happy.

Are you married or single?

(Are you married or are you single?)

and, or, that, but, because, when, so

můj strýc je šťastný protože vyhrál hodně peněz

My uncle is happy because he won a lot of money.

I have money, I had money

He has money, he had money

I play football, I played football

He plays football, he played football

I am happy, I was happy

You are happy, you were happy

He is happy, he was happy

She is happy, she was happy

We are happy, we were happy

They are happy, they were happy

most = většina

very = velmi

more = víc

big = velký

a lot of = hodně

win → won → won

můj strýc je šťastný protože vyhrál hodně peněz

My uncle is happy because he won a lot of money.

Jeho teta byla smutná protože nevyhrála nic.


Their jejich aunt sad because not win.

He on

Our naše


His aunt was sad because won


don't win

don't won

I win money.

I don't win money.

do → did → done

I didn't win money.

His aunt was sad because she didn't win.

His aunt was sad because she didn't win nothing.


His aunt was sad because she won zero.

double negative

His aunt was sad because she won nothing.

His aunt was sad because she didn't win anything.

some, any, no

something, anything, nothing

His aunt was happy because she won something.

Když přišel, měl hlad, tak se najedl.

When he come, he hungry, so he eat.


When he came [kejm], he was hungry, so he ate [ejt].

hladový pes = a hungry dog

Naše babička a její syn jeli do Ameriky nebo do Anglie, ale nejeli svým autem, protože letěli letadlem.

Our grandmother and her son went to America or (to) England, but they did not go by their car, because they flew [flů] by aeroplane.

with car

They didn't go with my sister.

I go to Prague. I am in Prague.


I give a book to you.

go, not go, don't go, didn't go

fly air vzduch


aeroplane, air-plane, plane = letadlo

grow = pěstovat

At least 55 million tons of apples were grown around the world in 2005.

The United States produces more than 7.5% of the apples around the world.

The apple has a small, deciduous tree that grows up to 3 to 12 metres (9.8 to 39 ft) tall.