Cross-country skiing x downhill skiing


Present Perfect

1. started in past, continues in present

I have lived in Kladno for 10 years / since 2000.

(I lived in Kladno for 10 years.)

I haven't been downhill skiing for 5 years.

2. experience

I have never eaten a snake.

I have been to England twice. = I was in England twice.

Have you (ever) eaten a snake?

Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

On which mountain have you been? (optional), happened recently (nedávno)

I have bought a new computer.

I bought a new computer today/last week.

Transform to Present perfect (or draw a logical conclusion in Pr.Perf.):

I bought a new car yesterday!

I have bought a new car yesterday.

In August I am going to Norway for the first time in my life!

I have never been to Norway.

I last saw Mark on 18th February.

I haven't seen him since 18th Feb.

I haven't seen him for 10 days.

I was born on 29th November 1987. I didn't go to USA between 28th November 1987 and 28th February 2011.

I haven't been to USA.

I'm afraid of milking the cow because I don't have any experience with it.

I'm afraid of milking the cow because I have never done it.

I live in Kladno. I was born here and I don't remember living anywhere else.

I have lived in Kladno for 23 years/all my life.

I have lived in Kladno since I was born / my birth.

I haven't lived anywhere else, I have always lived there...

I lived in Kladno. ← PAST

I have lived in Kladno.

I lived in Kladno between 1960 and 1970.

Have you (ever) lived in Kladno?

Did you live in Cetviny / Old Most?

Since = od minulosti do teď

for = po nějakou dobu

Viewegh has written 10 novels. ← up to now

Viewegh wrote 10 novels.

He wrote Báječná léta pod psa, …

He has been writing novels since 1980.

Shakespeare wrote 100 plays. ← PAST

Shakespeare was writing plays from 1616 till 1687.

Shakespeare was writing plays for 61 years.

used to = it was like that in the past but it isn't like that now

They used to live together.

something is worth something

Studying a university is worth travelling to Prague.

Going to English classes is worth it.

The film was worth seeing.

Apart from that = kromě toho

bother = vadit, otravovat...

so far = already (do teď)

3 haven't stopped

4 has the week been

5 slept

6 haven't had; Sunday evening: didn't have

7 have seen / saw

8 didn't do

9 didn't bother

10 have you tried

11 Yes, I have.

12 I have already drunk [drank] III.

13 drank [drenk] II.

Sing – sang – sung

bring – brought – brought

swim – swam – swum

come – came – come

ring – rang – rung

read – read – read

commute = dojíždět

Has your commuter marriage been very difficult?

Is your commuter marriage very difficult?

Was your commuter marriage very difficult?

Was your commuter marriage very difficult in the first years?

Did your commuter marriage use to be very difficult? Yes, it used to be difficult in the first years, but then we got used to it. = zvykli jsme si

marriage / work / studies

How long have you (been married)?

How many different (jobs) have you (had)?

Have you (been on holiday alone) since you (got married)?

How many times have you (been married)?

Have you been thinking about (getting divorced)?

Employer = zaměstnavatel, employee = zaměstnanec

Have you been thinking about (changing your job/studying a different school...)?

Have you had any courses to improve your job position/help you in your studies?

Have you had to [musel jsi] make any hard decisions because of your work/studies...?

It's time to finish :-)