nothing interesting

illness is back

1 week lie in bed

I don't feel well (necítím se dobře)

weather: rain (in Prague), snow, cold × winter

freeze, ice, cloudy (mraky, zataženo), icicle (rampouch)

job interviews

Slovakia with work colleague (business trip)

meeting about a power-plant construction

project [prodžekt]

indoor outdoor


blind, curtain

pillow, cushion

vase, pot

table (jakýkoliv), desk (pracovní)

carpet, rug

drawer (šuplík)

sheet (prostěradlo)



bed-side table

wardrobe, bookcase


washbasin (bathroom), sink (kitchen)

kitchen unit

washing machine, dryer|drier

(tyre, tire – pneumatika)


bath (bath tub)


box with toys (cars)


kite: fly the kite (in autumn)

doll: girls


plane (letadlo)


There is a doll next to the bed.

On the table there is a plane, under the table there is a pencil.

There is a table.

The table is under a shelf.

Under the shelf there is a table.

Above the table there is a shelf with a plant.

round table (kulatý), square table (hranatý)

empty (prázdný), full (plný)

The dog is in front of the picture.

cupboard [kabrd]

The TV is between the dog and the cat.

The cats are around the bookshelf.

good – better – the best

big – bigger – biggest

tall – taller – tallest (vysoký)

happy – happier – happiest

each (každý) × eight (8)

5 thousand 8 hundred and ninety-five

high – higher – highest

young – younger – youngest

old – older – oldest

climb (lézt)

Prague castle, National m., Technical m., Mining m. (mine = důl)

musical festivals – classical: Prague Spring

roof (střecha)


interesting (zajímavý)

interesting – more interesting – the most interesting

clever – more clever / cleverer – the most clever / the cleverest