sing – sang – sung

I was cold

attic (půda)

lie (lhát)

mist, fog (mlha)

in Austria

I didn't fall at all

government (vláda)

escape across the border (utéct přes hranice)

to bear it – snést to

bare – holý, prostý

barely – nearly never, nearly not (He barely touched his lunch.)

I have blocked my neck, I can move only the whole body

praise - pochvala


HW: 17A, 16C

6 is going to travel

7 will (She is going to try to be the first person to do this.)

8 will be

9 will

10 will

11 will

12 is going to

He is going to visit his parents.

It is going to fall down.

culprit (viník), guilt (vina), guilty (vinný)

injury (zranění), wound



rake (hrábě)

cellar (sklep)

backup source (of electricity)

breathe (dýchat)

buy × sell (koupit × prodat)

pregnant woman, have a baby


pull × push (táhnout × tlačit)

elevator = lift, stuck in the elevator

housekeeper, caretaker, janitor (domovník)