1. Last summer, I __________ (go) Italy for a holiday.

  2. He looked very tired because he __________ (work) for 30 hours without sleeping.

  3. Her husband __________ (come) home very late last night.

  4. They broke the window when they __________ (play) football in the garden.

  5. Is this book interesting? I don't know. I __________ (not read) it yet.

  6. She woke up when the alarm __________ (ring) .

  7. They __________ (be) married for 10 years and now they're getting divorced.

  8. Why's your finger bleeding? - I __________ (cut) myself.

  9. She __________ (feel) good when she was lying on the beach.

  10. Mom was cooking when we __________ (come) home.

  11. They __________ (have) dinner before they went out for a walk.


A: I __________ (be) to 2 rock concerts this year so far!

B: Ha! That´s nothing. I __________ (be) to 6 concerts!

C: You guys don´t know anything. I __________ (go) to 5 last month.

A: Well, I __________ (meet) Eminem last month.

B: Eminem! Ha! He __________ (be) out since the last year.

B: I __________ (meet) Sean Paul!

C: Sean Paul __________ (be) my friend for a long time.

C: We __________ (know) each other since I did him a favor.

A: Oh, I __________ (see) him a few times!

A: I __________ (buy) a few of his CDs this week.

A: How many __________ (buy) last week?

B: I __________ (buy) 2 up to now.

B: But I __________ (buy) another 3 or four this week.

C: I __________ (not buy) any this week.

C: I __________ (be) busy with my new girlfriend.

C: Speaking of girlfriends, guys, I __________ (have) 6 since I entered high school.