Key to exercises

Exercise 2, page 83 (Prodromou)

  1. likely: If I’m not busy, I’ll come and pick you up.
    less likely: If I wasn’t busy, I’d come and pick you up.
  2. likely: If you fall, you’ll break your leg.
    less likely: If you fell, you’d break your leg.
  3. likely: If I drink too much wine, I’ll feel sleepy.
    less likely: If I drank too much wine, I’d feel sleepy.
  4. likely: If you get the job, you’ll have more freedom.
    less likely: If you got the job, you’d have more freedom.
  5. likely: If the questions are easy enough, everyone will pass the test.
    less likely: If the questions were easy enough, everyone would pass the test.

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