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Any request, ideas etc. are to be sent directly to me (, to the school (preferably per e-mail - all contact info here) or to the phorum (


I have written a short intro on how to use a corpus to help you with English collocations (eg. if I want to know, which preposition follows the word interested, eg. in the sentence I am interested ________ football.).

If you are looking for online English exercises and other things (to practise your English as well as to learn new things), make use of this page:
There you can find some links to some interesting websites.

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I have been a JŠ ROSA teacher since 2004. I teach mainly English, sometimes also German.
I've got CPE and SJZ in English and DELF B1 in French.

Apart from being a teacher, I study Computational Lingustics at ÚFAL MFF UK.

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Rudolf Rosa
Milady Horákové 529
272 01 Kladno
Mobile phone: +420 776 577 617 (send SMS)
ICQ: 297 973 198
Yahoo Messenger: rur_ptakopysk
Facebook: Rudolf U. Rosa (I do not add people as friends unless they are my friends)

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