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The Three Little Pigs

If you are looking for online English exercises and other things (to practise your English as well as to learn new things), make use of this page:
There you can find some links to some interesting websites.

My courses


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About me


I have been a JŠ ROSA teacher since 2004. I teach mainly English, sometimes also French, German or Spanish.
I've got CPE and SJZ in English and DELF B1 in French.

Apart from being a teacher, I study programming at MFF UK.

Older information


Rudolf Rosa
Milady Horákové 529
272 01 Kladno
Mobile phone: +420 776 577 617 (send SMS)
ICQ: 297 973 198
Yahoo Messenger: rur_ptakopysk
Facebook: Rudolf U. Rosa (I do not add people as friends unless they are my friends)

Jazyková škola Rosa (Language school Rosa)