Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30


Za 1. pololetí se platí 3200 Kč, platit se dá na účet 0385807349/0800 (VS ideálně rodné číslo) nebo hotově ve škole.

Next time (6th November) the lesson starts at 18:30!

Homework & info from the lesson

20th October
Conditionals (small papers)
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30th October
Paper 288/2 (key)
Next time (6th November) the lesson starts at 18:30! (and is taught by my colleague Tereza)
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23rd October
Write a few sentences in 1st Conditional beginning If… or Unless…
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16th October
No new homework, please write the essay :-)
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9th October
homework: paper p. 71 ex. 4 sentence transformation (key)
voluntary homework: Essay (about 100 words): Working with people versus working with computers
  1. Introduction - some general things
  2. about 2 paragraphs - maybe 1 paragraph about people and 1 paragraph about computers, or 1 paragraph about advantages and one paragraph about disadvantages, or 1 paragraph about 1 advantage and 1 paragraph about 1 disadvantage…
  3. Conclusion (To sum up, …) - maybe something personal
FCE writing bank: how to write an essay (with a good but long example)

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2nd October
HW: paper p. 73 ex. 2 complete the sentences (key)
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