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21st May
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14th May
HW: Reading on the paper you got (Ican put the key here if anyone asks me to)
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7th May
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23rd April
Voluntary HW: write a few lines about your favourite animal
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16th April
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2nd April
Prepositions 4 (in, on, at - place): explanation
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26th March
what we did on lesson (do as homework if you did not come): Entertainment, page 60 (whole page) and page 61 (not the Listening)
key: 1/2, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3
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19th March
Prepositions 3 (in, on, at - place): explanation 1, exercises 1 explanation 2, exercises 2
HW: bring a picture and describe it using prepositions in, on, at
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12th March
HW: write at least 4 sentences in direct speech (přímá řeč) and then rewrite them into reported speech (nepřímá řeč)
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5th March
HW: write at least 4 sentences in direct speech (přímá řeč) and then rewrite them into reported speech (nepřímá řeč)
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20th February
HW: Writing - a short story (80 - 200 words), using words from the lesson on health, ilnesses and injuries - see the writing bank
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6th February
Prepositions 2 (at the end / in the end; on time / in time): explanation, exercises
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30th January
HW: exercise on the paper (passive)
Prepositions 1 (in, on, at): explanation, exercises
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5th December
HW: exercise 1 on the paper (word formation)
write 3 sentences with phrasal verbs give up, give away, run out, cut down, cut up, put on, put off, go off
write 4 sentences with words price, value, worth, cost
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If you didn't come, you didn't get sweets from Saint Nicolas! :-P
28th November
HW: exercises 5 and 6 on the paper
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21st November
If you were NOT on the lesson, please download the materials here: as one zip file or click their names below to see the individual files from present_perfect_01.gif to present_perfect_05.gif.
HW if you were here: finish page 38 ex. 4 (present_perfect_04.gif) + do page 20 ex. 2 and 3 (present_perfect_03.gif)
HW if you were NOT here: the same as above + go through the explanations (especially the examples) on pages 18 and 19 (present_perfect_01.gif & present_perfect_02.gif) + do ex. 1 on page 19 (present_perfect_02.gif) + do ex. 5 on page 39 (present_perfect_05.gif)
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14th November
HW: exercise no. 3 on the paper you got
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7th November
HW: exercise no. 2 on the paper you got
31st October
HW: read the article "Day of the Dead", do the writing from last time, voluntarily finish some of the exercises on the papers you got
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24th October
HW: write an informal letter of 120 – 180 words to a friend in a country where they don't celebrate [something] (Xmas, Easter, Halloween, …); mention:
  • how it is celebrated
  • what you personally do
  • meaning, history...?
Aby to vypadalo jako dopis, mrkněte prosím na FCE Writing Bank here. Je tam příklad dopisů a různé hinty k tomu.
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17th October
HW: write at least 5 sentences with the take * phrasal verbs (take after, take back, take down, take off, take in, take to, take up)
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10th October
HW: write at least 2 or 3 sentences with the -ness, -ship and -ment words from the class
If you were not on the lesson and miss the things we did, I can scan it and e-mail it to you - just ask me!
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3rd October
HW: Part 2 of FCE Use of English: The Birth of the T-shirt (key)
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19th September
HW: Writing “My Summer” (about 100 words)

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