CAE/CPE Wednesday 19:30 - 21:00


Bylo zahájeno vybírání kurzovného na druhé pololetí. Všechny informace najdete v Ceníku, pro tento kurz platí cena 2 800 Kč.



I've put some writing resources online; by now they're only FCE resources, but I think they are usable for you nonetheless.

Registration for exams

All necessary information can be found on the BC website, namely:

Computer-based Practice Tests

Computer-based Practice Tests are available for download on

The Corpora

You can find the British National Corpus and other corpora here: There is a lot of help on the website, or you can always ask me to help you to use it.

From the Lessons

20th Apr
Write an Article on one of the topics suggested in (the topics are labelled "Practice")
You can review the whiteboard contents.
6th Apr
Try to form nouns from adjectives: long, high, wide, deep, and from the verb weigh. Then, try to find more similar nouns :-)
I'll put here the key for the paper you got as soon as I rewrite it into PC.
You can review the whiteboard contents.
30th Mar
Links to sample FCE tests: paper based (for some reason it is called "Handbook"), Computer Based (from KET to CAE; AFAIK CB CPE does not exist yet)
You can review the whiteboard contents.
9th Mar
Key to the tasks from the lesson: Part 1 (Picture Imperfect), Part 2 (Mars) (and also Part 3 and Part 4 are here; I was too lazy to copy Part 5 here as well, but if anyone needs it, just let me know)
You can also review the whiteboard contents.
16th Feb
We did 3 parts of CPE Listening (and are going to continue woth the last part next time because all of you did very well!)
You can also look up some information on the topic of IBM Watson, a new supercomputer. I'll try to find and print something for the next lesson; I might also find a video on the topic…;-)
You can also review the whiteboard contents.
9th Feb
You can review the whiteboard contents.
2nd Feb
Please write and hand in your reports; the health club task in 01/26's lesson (below), the task about the International day is here.
I've also updated the writing bank with the CPE Report info that I distributed last time.
We did 2 UoE exercises - Part 3 and Part 5. (Some nice report phrases are included.) The key is also available.
You can also review the whiteboard contents.
26th Jan
We worked on reports, so please finish and hand in your report by next lesson. Here you can find the task and the sample answer for the health club report. 180-220 words.
You can also review the whiteboard contents.
And here again the dialogue we have listened to, now even with a video:

Enjoy and see you next Wednesday!
5th January
Voluntary HW: essay on the topic of smoking and its banning

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