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Computer-based FCE

It has been made possible to download a demo version of a CB test.

Set texts for FCE for 2010

First Certificate STAR

We use the book First Certificate STAR (Student's book). It can be bought in the school, the price is CZK 400.

Updated 24th Feb 2010: Here: http://rur.jsrosa.cz/key/FCE-Star/ can be found the complete key to the first four units (pp. 8 - 41) and to some of the exercises in the later units. Your long term homework is to do exercises from units 1-4 that you haven't done and check the results here.

Foot v. feet

A 6 foot long creature or a 6 feet long creature? Both possibilities are correct! See Foot.

The Corpora

You can find the British National Corpus and other corpora here: corpus.byu.edu. There is a lot of help on the website, or you can always ask me to help you to use it.


5th May
Reminder: All the keys to exercises are just copied from the book and they might be incomplete or inaccurate, so if you have any objections to them, tell me ASAP!
Paper I. p. 133: ex. 1, ex. 2
Paper II. 60/4, 61/5
28th Apr
p. 84/85 - Reading (key to 1, key to 2)
Voluntary: write a description of a face, using the words from FCE Star page 84
21st Apr
Zoos: crossword (zadání, řešení)
th Apr
paper I gave you, p. 42/2,3 (1 voluntary)
7th Apr
short writing
31st Mar
Write a newspaper report with the headline Dog Attacks Old Age Pensioner, using 120-180 words. The task is set in the Star book, p. 83 ex. 2, with some information on p. 82 ("Writing") as well.
17th and 24th Mar
Conditionals 0, 1, 2 - paper (key: 88/3, 89/4)
Conditionals 3, M - paper (key: 104/4)
10th Mar
FCE Star (voluntary): 79/4 (passive) - or anything from p. 79 if you weren't on the lesson: 79/2, 79/3
Revise conditionals (If it rains, I will stay at home etc.)
Write a descriptive composition using some of the collocations from the last lesson (Age) - between 50 and 100 words.
24th Feb
FCE Star: 77/3, 77/4
Write a descriptive composition using some of the collocations from the last lesson (Age) - between 50 and 100 words.
17th Feb
73/3: write a book review (and send it to me by e-mail)
75 Part 5 (Use of English: Word Formation) - 75 Part 5 key
If you haven't attended the lesson, you can also work on pp. 72, 73 and 74 - key: 72 Vocabulary 1, 72 Vocabulary 2, 73/1, 74 Part 1, 74 Part 3, 75 Part 4
3rd Feb
no specific homework, do anything from the tasks from previous lessons (see below)
27th Jan
homework: 69/1 (eventually 69/4, 69/5)
voluntary - collective nouns: 64/1 or paper 40/5
voluntary - write an essay on the topic Should we help Haiti? (why/why not? how? etc.); approx. 80 words (essay v angličtině je nejbližší české úvaze, mělo by to mít krátký odstavec jako úvod - stačí jedna až dvě věty, potom ten samotný obsah, a nakonec krátké shrnutí - opět stačí pár vět)
13th Jan
Please write a Letter of application (žádost o práci). Here is a sample letter and the task for you. It would be best if you could send your text to me per e-mail.
6th Jan
Work in FCE Star.
The registration period for FCE has started, information on British Council website
For further reading on the topic from this lesson: Wikipedia: Five-second rule
25th Nov
Page 64 in Star book, exercises 1 and 2 (the key will appear here).
18th Nov
Page 65 in Star book, exercises 3, 4 and the writing. Key to conditionals from a previous lesson.
11th Nov
We did reported speech in the Star book, pp. 101 & 102. Homework is 102/4. We also did some of the sentences on a paper (first part, second part), the rest of them is voluntary homework.
4th Nov
Paper - Exercise 2
21th Oct
STAR book 61/4 (underline mistakes in use of tenses).
14th Oct
Write a text about your favourite leisure activities (activities you do, you have done or you would like to do…). Use 80 - 140 words. For tiny inspiration you can look into your STAR book, p. 60.
8th Oct
Write an advertisement for a tour somewhere, preferably in the Czech Republic (Prague is forbidden!). 80 - 140 words. For inspiration you can look into your STAR book, p. 59 (the texts there are approx. 120 words long).
30th Sep
Write an episode to your TV series.
22nd Sep
City Voiceworks (Decide, whether the statements 11 to 20 are true (A) or false (B).)

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