Passive 1


3 Turtle facts (p. 110)

Present simple passive

  1. are made
  2. are laid
  3. are often disturbed
  4. are distracted
  5. are often killed
  6. are sometimes injured

4 A happy ending (p. 111)

Past simple passive

  1. were flown
  2. were taken
  3. were weighed
  4. was checked
  5. were placed
  6. (they were) driven
  7. were put
  8. were accompanied
  9. was lowered
  10. was made

5 Informing the tourists

Present perfect passive (voluntary - nepovinný)

  1. Talks and film shows have been organized in hotels.
  2. Information brochures have been printed for tourists and people on the islands.
  3. A speed limit has been put on motor boats.
  4. Tourists have been asked not to leave litter on beaches.
  5. Vehicles have been prohibited on nesting beaches.
  6. People have been asked not to use the beaches at night.
  7. Warning signs have been put up on nesting beaches.

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